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Sub-measure 2.3.5 Design for Entrepreneurs - Project "Development and Implementation of New Design Projects by MPL Techma Sp. z o.o."

Since May 2019, MPL Techma has been implementing the project "Development and implementation of new design projects by MPL TECHMA Sp. z o.o." The conducted audit provides a diagnosis of MPL TECHMA's potential and identifies perspectives for changes that can be embraced by new design projects. The subsequent steps will involve the development of a design strategy, designing and prototyping with testing, as well as the purchase of durable assets to create a technological process for manufacturing products resulting from the design process. The aim of the project is to create significantly improved designs of products that will become part of the company's permanent offer. The outcome of the project will be the creation of a new product base that meets the needs of customers from various industries. The project was completed on April 30, 2022.

Total cost of project implementation: 1,944,141.72 PLN

Qualified costs: 1,429,462.20 PLN

Grant amount: 842,327.19 PLN