Star Reefersstar-reefers.jpg

  • Monitoring and alerting of engine room
  • Auxiliary engines (AE) safety system
  • Steam boiler automation
  • Unloading cranes automation
  • Control of the cargo cooling system

Green Reefersgreen-reefers.jpg

  • Monitoring and alerting of engine room
  • Safety system of the main engine
  • Unloading elevator automation
  • Cargo cooling system control
  • Unloading cranes automation
  • Control of centrifuges: LO, HFO, GO
  • The management system of mooring and mooring - anchor elevators
  • Engine order telegraph system
  • Thruster control system

Vestland Marinevestland-marine.jpg

  • Monitoring and alerting of engine room system
  • Rudder blade and bow thruster control system


  • Engine room shutdown systems in case of leakage of supply gas system
  • Monitoring and alerting of engine room
  • Tanks level detection and monitoring of floating dock immersion: Dock 2, Dock 3 New , Dock 4

V Shipv-ships.jpg

  • Control and monitoring of ship unloading

Navikon SRYnavikon-sry.jpg

  • Ballast system control and tanks level detection
  • The measurement of stress and tanks level of floating dock
  • Floating dock maneuvering control panel

SMT Shippingsmt-shipping.jpg

  • Unloading the ship control system. Implementation of the project in collaboration with

CRIST S.A.crist.jpg

  • The power supply and control system for HVAC on vessels: THOR, VIDAR, INNOVATION. Implemented in collaboration with ECON Sp. o.o., CODE Sp. o.o.

Petrobaltic S.A.pertobaltic.jpg

  • The control of platform lifting and lowering

Songa Offshore Managementsonga-offshore-management.jpeg

  • The power supply and control of ballast pumps

Remontowa Hydraulic Systemsremontowa-hydraulic-system.jpg

  • Power supply and control watertight doors

Star Clipperstar-clippers.jpg

  • Management of ship's power station - Power Management system (PMS)

Instytut Morskiinstytut-morski.jpg

  • The sonar elevator control on R/V IMOR vessel


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