Factory Automation Department implements designs such as production line, machine and drive control, process management as well as machine measuring, diagnostics and safety. Our vast experience in numerous branches of industry enables us to provide our clients with better solutions.


Our offer:


Machine Control

We develop and modernise control systems which concentrate mostly on functionality. We provide system of machine performance control and user-friendly interfaces. We carry out machine performance sequence analysis on which the new solutions are based. The machine performance improvements we implement increase capacity and minimise machine down time and reduce number of faults in the final product, as well.


We carry out machine and production line threat analysis and risk evaluation based on solutions provided by safety specialists. We use certified sub-assemblies such as safety relays, curtains, pull-wire switches, hand switches, area scanners. We modernise existing safety systems in order to adapt them to the working standards. Our engineers may help in choosing proper solutions for clients’ individual needs.

Production optimisation

On clients’ special request we undertake production process observations to point out capacity critical points indicating bottleneck effect in production. We develop and implement both software and mechanical changes. We replace out-of-date sub-assemblies as well as adapt brand new elements and devices to the existing production lines. We introduce modern solutions to industrial networks.

Man – Machine

We provide and program operators’ interfaces and SCADA systems which enable graphic visualisation of a process. Our panels support and accelerate alarm diagnostics, facilitate machine parametrisation and enable immediate access to necessary information. We provide database cooperation for improved archiving and fluent data exchange between different factory systems.

Data processing

We provide management, control and process data analysis systems.  The user gains access to both current and archival data which one may revive in a form of trends or reports. We enable product tracking at every stage of its production using bar codes or RFID. We monitor machine performance and driver element work time in order to support production process. In order to diagnose we use information about alarm, down time and particular sensor condition as well as analog values condition data.

Distributed Systems

We develop systems which cover measurements and control of distributed monitoring stations and work stations. We combine several control components into a single system which enable process data analysis. Distributed control reduces installation costs (reduced cable and fitting costs) as well as management costs (easier diagnostics and process data access) whereas in case of multi-station production it facilitates product tracking at every stage of production, which enables proper quality control.

Power Supply Management

We offer power and other media supply management systems for factories. We develop systems based on network analyzers integrated with SCADA system, which enable monitoring of energy consumption and particular power network parameters in an industrial plant. Data analysis and archiving data trends help optimise existing management systems and reduce production costs. On special order we provide and activate ATS modules and guaranteed power supply.

Switch board engineering

We continually engineer low voltage switch boards as well as control cabinets and consoles based on both our own and our clients’ designs. Internal quality control includes safety circuit tests, connection inspection and electrical measurement. We install and activate cabinets and switch boards in plants. We provide warranty as well as non-warranty service. On special order our engineers may prepare custom electric designs as well as help devise a concept.



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