Electronic Departament is responsible for design and production of dedicated electronic devices. We base on professional and modern solutions in our designs. We offer both single electronic modules and complex

measuring-executive systems.


Our full offer is available on produkty.mpltechma.pl.


We build dedicated appliance control modules.


Exemplary solutions:



Panele dyspozytorskie (tablice synoptyczne)

Panele dyspozytorskie umożliwiają przedstawienie w czytelny sposób stanu danego procesu, urządzenia lub systemu. Płyta z naniesioną grafiką może zostać wyposażona w elementy sterujące i sygnalizacyjne (diody LED, wskaźniki analogowe, przyciski, przełączniki, wyświetlacze oraz inne elementy – w zależności od wymagań), umożliwiając wizualizację i kontrolę w czasie rzeczywistym. 

Każdy projekt jest przygotowywany zgodnie z indywidualnymi wymaganiami klienta.

CANopen communication module

We provide management, control and process data analysis systems.  The user gains access to both current and archival data which one may revive in a form of trends or reports. We enable product tracking at every stage of its production using bar codes or RFID. We monitor machine performance and driver element work time in order to support production process. In order to diagnose we use information about alarm, down time and particular sensor condition as well as analog values condition data.


To get more information about our CANopen communication module please visit our product site.

Detection and spark extinguishing systems in mechanical and pneumatic conveyors

Fire safety plays vital role in factories. We provide complex solutions of spark detection and extinguishing systems in pneumatic conveyors both for small-scale and extensive installations. We produce spark detector modules, as well as essential system operation control units.


To get more information about our spark detection and extinguishing system please visit our product site.

Modules measuring environmental conditions (i. e. temperature and humidity)

We offer high quality digital modules for measuring environmental conditions, i. e. temperature ranging from - 25 to 70 °C and humidity from 0 to 100% RH. The modules can work in highly unfavourable conditions – resistance to CIP cleaning. The modules can communicate through MODBUS-RTU interface or current outputs 4-20 mA, depending on the selected version. Please contact us for information about other sensors.


To get more information about our environmental conditions measuring modules please visit our product site.

Signal columns

We offer modern signal columns using LED technology. They enable bootstrap/autonomous parameter manipulation/customisation of each unit (setting any colour from the colour scale or brightness).


Changing the signalled content is enabled both by MODBUS-RTU interface and input logic.


Our signal columns can be combined of any numer of units: levels.


To get more information about our signal column please visit our product site.

LED displays

In control systems it is frequently necessary to signal system operation parameters. Check lights are often insufficient whereas operator’s control panel uneconomical. In such case our LED displays might be the solution. Controlling displayed data requires only three signal lines which proves highly efficient when there is limited numer of PLC outputs. The display modules can be connected in series, depending on the applications needs.


To get more information about our LED display please visit our product site.

Network output/input modules

Module IO-12 is a device equipped with 12 monitored outputs (each might be used both as input and uotput). Communication with the module is available via RS485 interface (Modbus-RTU protocole). RS485 interface is galvanically isolated from module’s inputs/outputs. The construction of the module enables plugging several modules into one unit without using any wires. The modules are connected using connectors placed on the fastening rail. Moreover, removable push-pull-connectors enable easy installation of the module in a switchboard.


To get more information about our network output/input modules please visit our product site.


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