Cooperation of individual departments of our company allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers. We design and deliver machines and production lines, expanding and modernizing existing systems, we participate in the tasks from concept to the final commissioning.


Machines and production lines

The machines we supply work as separate production units or as parts of complex production line. Each task is treated individually. Interested parties are welcome to contact our company. Interested parties are welcome to contact our company.

Robot cell

We provide comprehensive implementation of robotic pick & place, welding and assembly stations. In addition to the design, execution and commissioning of independent robotic cells, we also provide full integration with existing machines and production lines. The use of robots allows you to optimize cycle time, full repeatability of precise operations (elimination of operator errors) and introduction of continuous operation. If you need to identify location or shape of the products with which the robot works, we work with the vision systems. We develop safety systems both in the robot work cells and in the whole workstation. We have the experience and training of world industrial robots leaders.

Renovation of machines and modernization of mechines control systems

We perform both the renovation of entire machines as well as the replacement of control system into more modern components. We select new components to replace already inaccessible elements.

Manipulators and conveyors

We create transport components such as conveyors and manipulators with different degrees of precision. We create a transport components, such as conveyors and Manipulators with different degrees of precision. We customize the solution to individual product parameters.

Comprehensive realizations

We develop a detailed concept, perform electrical and mechanical projects and PLC software. If necessary, we will ensure full consolidation of the delivered machines and equipment with already existing production lines in functional, security and monitoring fields. We supply all the components needed to complete the task. We perform risk analysis and risk assessment. We develop technical safety functions to eliminate or minimize hazards. We provide service documentation and user manual for every machine.


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